File Hosting


per month
  • Looking for some file(s) hosted for you, but not a whole website. Look no further. With this product you can get file(s) hosted for you whether it being music files or downloadable files.
  • Up to 10 Files Hosted
  • Fully managed and monitored
  • Backups available at request
  • No lock in

Website Design

No Deposits

Quotes Available
  • Get a website designed for you, save yourself from the hassle of coding and designing your own.
  • After design is complete you will receive all website files*
  • *After you receive your website files, they will be kept on our servers for 7 days in case the files get corrupt upon transferring them. In this 7 day period your files will be kept secure and will not be distributed.
  • 24/7 Support

404 Page - Website


one time cost
  • This website template is good looking and basic. The design is made of a white background with blue text by default. All elements are customisable as well as text being changeable. Oh did we mention it's also bootstrap enabled? For questions please make a support ticket or email our support team.
  • Demo Page
  • License Applies

Who are we?

Fraffel Media is a small but rapidly growing company that provides hosting and design services as well as website templates. We at Fraffel media consider our self's to be a very cheap but great at the same time. We ensure that all our customers are happy. We also take high pride in making each customer number 1, making sure that you will not wait more than 10 hours for a reply, thats a guarantee. You will feel treated fairly and no surprise payments ever without extended notice. We will make sure that:

  • You get Fast and snappy service / replies
  • You get 24/7 hosting service uptime
  • And you get services to fit your needs. Put a service on hold and resume when you want.

Designs Are


Getting a site designed can be a long process, but here we have three simple steps to getting a website designed for you.

  • Get the Design from the store (Free) and answer all the questions.
  • We contact you with a idea and confirmation of your site design.
  • We work and you get!


Oct 25th Back in Action

Fraffel Media is back in action. Make an order today! We have no staff that are on leave right now so, get into it!

Aug 15th Services are go!

We just restarted all of our services!


Everything is back in working order, ready for you.


Recently we also got a new staff member (Axium) to help usout with support. In addition we made a Discord server for you guys. We found alot of our customers use Discord so we made one.

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