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Back in Action

Fraffel Media is back in action. Make an order today! We have no staff that are on leave right now so, get into it!

25th Oct 2018
Services are go!

We just restarted all of our services!


Everything is back in working order, ready for you.


Recently we also got a new staff member (Axium) to help usout with support. In addition we made a Discord server for you guys. We found alot of our customers use Discord so we made one.

15th Aug 2018
Update on Services

Hello all sorry for recent down time that lasted around 3 hours. All services are back up. In edition we have made a uptime / status page for you to use and check service stats.

21st Jun 2018
We updated our ToS

We updated our Terms of Service and Privacy policy. In addition to this we redesigned the whole Terms of Service page. We highly recommend to take a read.

5th May 2018
Secure Again

We have not only remade the site is past days, but today we invested in a new SSL certificate.Whats an SSL certificate?SSL Certificates are small data files that digitally bind a cryptographic key to an organization’s details. When installed on a web server, it activates the padlock and the https protocol and allows secure connections from a web ... Read More »

3rd May 2018
New Site + Service update

We released our brand new site. It's easy to use as well as good looking. Explore around as it feels like 1 site now and not 2 seperate sites in the 1.

Also a update of our services : We no longer host teamspeak servers, but we can still provide support for it. Emails have also been sent out to all customers regarding ToS.

2nd May 2018
404 Page Template

We have released our new Website Template which is a custom 404 page. Take a look in the templates section for more. The description is not 100% finished at this stage so if you have any questions feel free to make a support ticket...

2nd May 2018
Release - Glitchy Maintenance Page

We just released our new Glitchy Maintenance page. Don't forget of our current website template special.

Use code: 152018WT and get 15% off your website template. Hurry lasts 1 week

16th Feb 2018

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